banque unıversal coın (cbu)

banque unıversal and cbu token

  • The CBU Token management team have a proven experience in the provision of financial services gained at banks, acquirers and with clearing and settlement systems and regulated institutions. 

  • The team have worked internationally for over twenty years in financial services and are determined to develop out a new eco system of financial services and financial planning betterment based upon the PSD2 directive. We are here to support the growth of small business owners and marketplace resellers operating in Europe.

  • CBU will be available in electronic Wallets (ebanking) and will have the necessary characteristics to carry out direct exchanges between the different wallets of counterparties in a safe manner. 

  • The holders of CBU can benefit from our fixed investments, meaning 1 year up to 5 year with an income guaranteed of 10% annually on their coins (GTC) through our banking and investment partners.

  • Through our banking network we will be able to provide additional services for the holders of CBU as per their request and qualifications to be achieved on the banking level. 

  • CBU is powered by Banque Universal, a sophisticated structured financial company serving private structures and support globally to qualified clienteles only.

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CBU will be listed soon with different Exchanges for a global reach and aiming to become a fixed trading pair on the exchanges.

The aim to have a digital currency being able to spend through wallets is the comfort that we want to give to the community.

About Us



  • The aim for CBU is to create a value in the world of digital  currencies , meaning the income generated from the sales to backup the CBU with value. The cryptocurrency  future will tie itself in the communities through trust and this will be most likely happen through asset links where there will be a market value to compare both the cryptocurrency and the asset(s) itself.

  • Another aim of CBU is to be solid in its price for to serve local / cross border  payments to financial institutions independently of where they are located , whereby any kind of other financial needs can be serviced on the same philosophy.

  • As the progress moves on , the further development of CBU its own E-Wallet will be completed , whereby the E-Wallet will serve to accommodate the traditional banking services with further integrations of the crypto currencies for book value / entry and transactions.

  • During the year of 2019 the launch of our own Exchange will follow to service CBU expansion and other projects that will have the access based on our KYC Policies the access to join. The Platform will give access to financial institutions to handle their settlement and fix their compensations through our Exchange and be able to service also their clients through our platform.



  • It can perform the functions of digital representation of goods and/or raw materials (e-commodity) and the creation of other digital instruments for national and international trade. Customers can easily purchase the CBU Coin through the firms payment services. 

  • CBU , a financial company supported Crypto-currency, thus resolving a crucial change for the crypto world up to this very moment. No alternatives existed for digital asset owners to enjoy their crypto wealth except selling them, whereby the innovative model of GTC brings to the crypto community the best of both worlds with alternatives.



  • It may be used to purchase goods or services and will be redeemable for fiat money and other crypto assets or Crypto-currencies through digital exchange houses. We manage international payments all over the world, including countries with fractured infrastructure. 

  • We provide a one-stop service, offer personal support and understand how to get things done most effectively. We operate with leading global financial services centres and the most internationally focused marketplaces in the world. We enable corporates and financial institutions to manage their wealth in Europe , Asia and Africa.





The team have worked internationally for decades in financial services and are determined to develop out further. 

We are here to support the growth of  businesses and marketplace resellers operating globally.

Our team members are located globally in different regions.

  • Europe
  • Asia
  • GCC
  • Latin America
  • West Africa